Restoring Kirsty the VW Camper

Since buying ‘Kirsty’ in 2007 she was a non runner in need of complete restoration.

Restoring Kirsty the VW Camper 10Greg had a clear vision of what he wanted it to look like both inside and out and keep it period looking.

Restoring the vehicle has been a lengthy patient process over 9 years in the making. Sourcing, obtaining and financing the correct parts for ‘Kirsty’ has been a trying process but we are more than happy with the end result.

It needed shot blasting, welding, full mechanical overhaul , a bespoke engine, upholstery, interior furniture, chroming , powder coating and a bare metal respray to bring her up to the condition it is in. No expense has been spared to upgrade the running gear. Improved ride quality has been achieved by converting it to independent rear suspension and a coil over lowered front suspension beam fitted with disc brakes.

Restoring Kirsty the VW Camper 12I’ve waited 22 years to build and own this Bus and during that time have carefully thought out the aesthetics of what it needed to look like and create a custom exterior but period feel to the inside.

During the time we have owned the Bus it’s caused a lot of heartache, anguish and feelings of disillusionment, What restoration doesn’t … it a house or a vehicle and there were at least 2 occasions when we needed to just stop get our heads and finances together and roll onto the next bit. We attended a few VW shows to keep our interest alive and get our mojo back on track which always worked,  and thanks to a very good and valued friend who helped Greg every week with things needing done we finally achieved our dream in October 2016.

We want to share our cherished bus by helping to enhance your day and make it even more special.